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Welcome to the snowy universe of winter enchantment, where each snowflake is a shooting star weaving enchanted memories.

In the heart of the winter season, the activities that await you are as varied as they are captivating. Picture yourself gliding silently through pristine landscapes while cross-country skiing, an activity that combines sport and contemplation. The trails etched in fresh snow provide an ideal terrain to explore the winter nature while savoring the crisp and invigorating air.

If the idea of a tranquil walk in the snow appeals to you, snowshoeing is a perfect option. Strap on those wide snowshoes and embark on an adventure through snowy trails, discovering enchanting panoramas while appreciating the tranquility of winter nature.

For thrill-seekers, fat biking is a not-to-be-missed activity. Equipped with oversized tires, this all-terrain bike allows you to ride effortlessly on snow-covered paths, offering a unique experience blending adrenaline and winter beauty.

And to crown a day filled with winter adventures, envision yourself seated at the Gordie's restaurant, a true culinary gem nestled in the heart of this winter oasis. This warm and friendly place offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience where exquisite flavors harmonize seamlessly with the enchanted atmosphere of winter.

After a fulfilling day exploring winter wonders, our hotel rooms become a genuine cozy retreat. The crackling fire in the fireplaces invites relaxation, and the rooms become havens of peace where you can recharge and prepare for new winter adventures the next day.

  • Gordie's Resto bar

    Gordie's Resto bar

    Relaxed atmosphere, bistro style cuisine and a good diversity of local beers and good cocktails. What more could you ask for ?